Traduction de l’allemand et de l’anglais en français

Translations from German and English to French

The human factor

Developers of machine translation software are the first to admit that a translation cannot convey the spirit of a text, or indeed its entire meaning, without human understanding and discernment.

Computers provide translators with a range of tools to help with searches, storage, terminology and review. These tools constantly enhance the quality and consistency of our work. They have become part and parcel of our everyday workflow. But machine translation can never replace a human translator.

My goal: To convey your message precisely and effectively.

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The specialist touch

As a professional translator from German and English with 15 years of experience in my fields of expertise, I can guarantee that your text will say exactly what you want it to in French.

If I can’t help with your request because I don’t have the required subject matter or language skills, I’d be happy to refer you to a trusted colleague.

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