Marketing & Communicaton d'entreprise

Marketing and corporate communication

Communicating your message

Multinational companies and small and medium size businesses interact on a daily basis with the rest of the world.

I translate and adapt their communications materials, both internal and external, and ensure the message gets across to the intended audience.

Thanks for translating the brochure into French. We’ve taken a look in-house and are absolutely thrilled with it. We wanted you to adapt it, and the result is exactly what we expected: just the right balance of a flowing writing style and precise transposition of the content. Geoff Burton, BMP Writers

icone-h_geraldine-chantegrel_noirMarketing and corporate communications: Transcreation, slogans and headlines, client magazines, in-house news bulletins, product brochures, websites, corporate promotional videos, in-house training materials, job offers, etc.